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What’s In My Bag: Bergreen Photography’s Adventure Destination Wedding Kit

We are the Bergreens, Marc and Brenda, adventure wedding photographers based in Evergreen, CO (USA). Our primary specialty is to document weddings for adventurous couples in the beautiful places they chose to get married. "love. adventurously." is not only our business motto, it’s our way of life.

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Our State celebrates the very best of North Carolina through authentic storytelling and stunning photography. Discover new places to visit. Try new recipes. Uncover the history, culture, and beauty of North Carolina.

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What’s In My Bag: Bergreen Photography’s Adventure Destination Wedding Kit. alphauniverse.com. Marc and Brenda Bergreen, the husband and wife duo behind Bergreen Photography, are adventurous destination wedding photographers based in Evergreen,

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Today I’m sharing the essential camera gear I take to every wedding I photograph, including the lighting and lenses I use – with example photos. I also share the two lenses I’d recommend for.

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