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Panorama – Colorado Governor Jared Polis to Sign Clean Energy Bills into Law – Renewable Energy Magazine, at the heart of clean energy journalism

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Jessica Scott is the interior west director for Vote Solar where she advances state level solar policy in AZ, CO, NM and NV. She played an integral role in passing eleven clean energy bills out of the 2017 nevada state legislature and succeeded in restoring the state’s rooftop solar market after a 2015 pucn decision brought the industry to a.

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renewable energy and energy efficiency and praised New Jersey’s work on both fronts. "America needs to get in the clean energy race and play to win. By moving to cleaner sources of energy, we can create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and cut carbon pollution. With strong executive leadership from

Essay/photos by Allen Best. This is from the May 30 issue of Mountain Town News, a weekly e-magazine. Subscriptions are $45/year. On Tuesday afternoon several hundred people gathered at a union hall, the Denver Pipefitters Local 208, as Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed a half-dozen bills into law, among them one called "Just Transition Support for Coal-Related Jobs."

Colorado city commits to 100% renewable after natural gas drives up electricity costs Price is now driving the clean energy revolution. Nexus Media Mar 22, 2017, 3:01 pm

Saving Clean Energy in New Jersey: Thank You, State Legislators!. in energy efficiency and renewable energy, the program has infused more than $223 million into the local economy and will.

If you are a proponent of clean energy, you might want to think twice before signing ballot initiative I-184. The intent is positive (to increase our use of clean energy) but the way it is written.

Governors Call on Trump to Back Renewable Power Sources Empty Rhetoric? Colorado Dem Gov Candidate Jared Polis Admits His Energy Proposals Are Not "Serious" December 15, 2017 | Colorado, General, RGA News Desperate to stand out in a primary racing to the left, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis has made moving towards 100% renewable energy in Colorado by 2040 a central plank of his campaign.

This past May, Colorado’s Democratic governor Jared Polis signed a series of new environmental bills into law, with the enthusiastic backing of the state’s labor movement. Legislation ranged from expanding community solar gardens to establishing a "Just Transition" office for coal-dependent communities.

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