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Letters: Honor their sacrifice; Keep the Sand Dunes funded (5/27/19)

Richmond American Debuts Three Denver Metro Communities | RazzleTazzle Americans, Im watching the #GunControl protests from Italy. Take a European’s advice: Last century our governments disarmed us. Now, in Germany & the UK they arrest you for Twitter & FB posts. Lesson? If the gov’t takes your 2nd Amendment, one day it’ll take your 1st. 3/26/18 -.

For more than a year the skyline above Dewar Drive lacked the usual fluttering display of red, white, and blue. The flag pole, which was dedicated shortly after the deadly attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, remained bare after a tilt was noticed in 2018. The centralizers that were meant to keep the pole.

After the unwind of the busy work with the walk and Colton finishing the school year Brad took a vacation and we headed to one of my favorite places the day after school was out June 7th! We loaded the motor home and headed to Silver Lake Sand Dunes! I grew up riding dune buggy’s on these dune’s and it has always been my favorite spot in Michigan.

Surf’s up in Medano Creek at Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes, sort of, thanks to bountiful snow in the high peaks above the dunes. OK, you can’t really surf there, but kids can ride inflatables and skimboards on waves that form on the creek as it crosses dune fields.

World War II "Something of a miracle": Colorado veterans honor D-Day’s 75th anniversary. Letters: Honor their sacrifice; Keep the Sand Dunes funded (5/27/19). Letters: Honoring their.

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Top dating sites. Even the naive will cherish flavored and visiting the 200 furthermore vineyard inside the Even Romantic Cruises. The developed regions of the united states are hard, arid, badlands nonetheless they as well get their charm, so if stunning wasteland countryside where by quiver woods walk relentlessly decrease ruby yellow sand dunes are you currently style of beat, head to the west.

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Happy Winter Solstice!On December 17 1903 The wright brothers successfully flew their airplane The Flyer over the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk North Carolina They made 4 flights that day You can see their restored Flyer at the National air amp space museum in Washington DC It’s pretty cool!

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