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City complex design process moving forward, Fort Morgan Council hears

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That, on the recommendation of the Managing Director, Planning and City Planner, the following actions be taken with respect to Our Move Forward: London’s downtown plan; (a) Our Move Forward: London’s Downtown Plan BE ENDORSED as Municipal Council’s strategy for future public and private investment in London’s Downtown; and,

As both communities move forward on designing their individual networks, they are also having discussions on how they can work together on other aspects such as operations. The design process in the two towns is expected to be completed late this year or in early 2019, with a goal of going out for bids during the winter and breaking ground in.

of the new city complex project using DOLA grant funding and the design firm selected through an RFP process – Mr. Wells 5. Presentation and possible action on a approving a contract of salResolution e for the Legion Park property to the Morgan County Re3 School District and authorizing the mayor – to sign the contract – Mr. Wells 6. Presentation and possible action (by resolution) on bids for pool house repairs at the

Council Unanimously Awards Trio of Contracts, Moving City Projects Forward. The property located at 116 Worthington Drive contains a house and garage. That property will be utilized by Bridgeport Pool and recreational facilities located in the area. On the Route 131 property – which will be utilized for city public works storage and overflow parking for Bridgeport Recreation Complex – is an old farm structure.

City Council Moves Forward w/Fourth Interchange Project South of Business Park. The Council heard from Executive Producer Rich Jorn from the Effingham Performance Center for $31,000 in tourism dollars for new servers for the ticket purchase process at the EPC. The Council will vote on the request later.

FRANKFORT – A Franklin county circuit court judge heard arguments regarding the residency dispute between Augusta Independent School and bracken county schools.

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