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Bryce Harper trolls fans who love to boo him

He sure can troll them, too. Who is in your Philly sports Rat Pack? They can boo him. They can even hate him. But there’s absolutely no way Washington Nationals fans can fault Bryce Harper..

 · When bryce harper committed the rest of his career (presumably) to the Phillies, he probably did some research on the people of Philadelphia. Sure, they say water weird. (What the hell is wuder?) Sure, they love to destroy hitchhiking robots. And sure, yeah, they’re die-hards, who love to boo anyone and everyone.

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This day, in spite of what his most ardent fans hoped, was always bound to come. From the moment the Nationals drafted him No. 1 in the country nearly nine years ago, folks began speculating where.

The opposing team’s fans love to boo Harper, and Harper loves to poke them. He expects to be booed in every ballpark. It’s been like that for some time.

Nationals fans should boo him in his return to DC.. with young but veteran stars Bryce Harper and Manny Machado hitting the market. For Nationals fans, seeing Harper sign with arguably the biggest division rival in the Philadelphia Phillies is a stab in the back, especially since the.

Bryce Harper’s career with the Philadelphia Phillies is off to a less than ideal start. Just two months after finalizing his 13-year, $330 million contract, Harper is already hearing boos from the Philly faithful after getting off to a slow start.. But it’s not just Phillies fans giving Harper a difficult time.

 · The heat is ticking up around Bryce Harper. Soon enough, he might as well be walking on the sun. Smash Mouth, the very same ironically beloved ’90s band that tried to.

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Bryce Harper couldn’t resist an opportunity to troll washington nationals fans during Thursday’s game. But a well-played payoff to his shenanigans turned him from villain to hero in the eyes of most observers. After catching the last out in the third inning, Harper scoured the stands at Nationals Park and teased tossing the ball to several of his now-former fans.

May 22–CHICAGO – Bryce Harper, just as he is forced to do in every ballpark the Phillies travel to, had listened for six innings on Tuesday night as the fans at Wrigley Field booed his every move..

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