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Are we having fun yet? You bet we are

It can mean a number of things. The most common is that the person wants to know if you are having fun. The next thing is the person is probably being funny. almost like a play on words. They know you aren’t having fun. But, for the most part it is just a saying and no one probably means anything by it.

"Are we having fun yet?" is not so much sarcastic as a rhetorical question hoping for the answer "yes". The primary use is to "jolly along" (or "hype up") the audience at an entertainment. "have we had fun yet?" expresses the same idea, but is less common, I think, as a set expression.

We’ve barely shaken the sand out of our beach bag and yet. fitting as you’d like, cinch it with a belt. Black slouchy.

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Obama: When we had lunch a while back, Joi used the example of self-driving cars. The technology is essentially here. We have machines that can make a bunch of quick decisions that could.

A place you would love to call your own. * The Block NZ: Stacy and Adam’s controversial kitchen * The Block NZ: Ethan and Sam.

Are we having fun yet? That is not a real question. Of course, we are. Taking a few days off over the last week allowed me the chance to sit back and reflect on the previous year and look ahead to.

Are we having fun yet? You bet we are Taking a few days off over the last week allowed me the chance to sit back and reflect on the previous year and look ahead to next season.

The hat is 15 years old. He doesn’t remember where it came from or what the faded, tattered and torn logo means any more. But.it’s air conditioned, don’t you know, and the visor is terrific! Good for another 15 years.

Betting on running all but ceased in the states until 1995, when the Reno. “We thought it would be fun if the fans could bet on the race and the.

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